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Liquidity Services Brands

GovDeals' online marketplace provides services to government, educational, and related entities for the sale of surplus assets to the public. Auction rules may vary across sellers.
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About GovDeals

A Liquidity Services Marketplace

When government and educational agencies face the dilemma of how to navigate the waters of surplus disposition, GovDeals is a lifeline to help compliantly manage the sale of their surplus inventory. GovDeals prevents this process from becoming a drag on their time and resources.

GovDeals is a complete and sustainable solution specifically created for, and dedicated to, government and educational agencies and their surplus disposition. With over 14,000 sellers utilizing the GovDeals online auction platform, GovDeals has completed over $2.6 billion in sales achieved by selling directly to our 1 million registered buyers. Our online auction platform regularly generates higher net returns by delivering true market values.

GovDeals is powered by the most experienced and trusted company in the surplus industry - Liquidity Services.

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All Your Business Surplus Needs In One Consolidated Platform

GovDeals buyers have direct access to the best surplus equipment deals across North America. Purchase confidently from trusted and respected government and educational organizations and suppliers on a secure, transparent, and efficient platform.

Thousands of items are sold every week, in just about every category - including transportation, heavy equipment, real estate, and more - all on one simple and centralized marketplace. Find what you're looking for today.

See What Our Buyers Have To Say

"I have been buying trucks and other vehicles on GovDeals since 2012. I have purchased from many states and feel I get a great deal on these vehicles. I plan to keep buying from agencies on GovDeals as long as I have my business"

"I have been buying from GovDeals for over 11 years and have bought over $800k worth of items that would have been hard to find at that price somewhere else. GovDeals has cut down the barriers to access government owned surplus and has been very valuable to me in my business."

Trust Decades Of Results In Government Surplus Sales

  • Experienced - Over $2.6 billion in completed transactions
  • Trusted - More than 14,000 sellers worldwide in virtually every industry
  • Established - Over 1 million registered buyers across our marketplace with demand for your assets
  • Expansive - Access to over 3.6 million potential buyers globally through our network of Liquidity Services marketplaces
  • Informative - Current market, performance, and valuation data available on demand
  • Adaptable - A scalable platform to virtually manage unlimited asset sales in every category and condition from any location
  • Assurance - Peace of mind from working with a publicly traded company with strong financial controls

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See What Our Sellers Have To Say

"Selling on GovDeals has ballooned into something bigger than anyone would have thought it would be. Our items usually sell for 30-50% more than when we were using public auctions. It's amazing some of the money we get for our items. I'm just flabbergasted."

"We sold a property for $310k, at no expense to our county! GovDeals helped us through the entire auction process, from inception to fund collection and completion of the sale. The process could not have been any easier"

GovDeals Sells Every Asset In Your Supply Chain On One Marketplace


  • Construction and Agricultural Equipment
  • Aircraft and Aviation Equipment
  • Nautical, Boats, and Marine Equipment
  • Commercial Trucks, Vehicles, and Transportation Equipment
  • Medical, Dental, and Laboratory Equipment
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment
  • Fire and Police Equipment
  • Confiscated / Property Room Items
  • Power Generation and Electrical Equipment
  • Food Service Equipment and Machinery
  • Scrap Metals and Recyclable Materials
  • Real Estate, Buildings, and Structures
  • ...and so much more!

Sell on GovDeals Today

GovDeals: Your Marketplace for Government Surplus and More

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